Image of Author Chris Pollack and Tony Gunn from MTDCNC taking a ride in the car that uses the parts detailed here.

EV Component Manufacturing – Part 6

Guest author Chris Pollack, the lead CNC technology trainer at Siemens Machine Tool Systems, shares insights on how digital manufacturing solutions are used to design, manufacture, and inspect a high-performance steering knuckle assembly for the eRod EV sports car.

Siemens NX CAM software powers precision in electric vehicle part manufacturing [article]

Check out the recent article published by the American Machinist, About collaborative innovation in automotive part manufacturing. It shows how NX CAM collaborate with industry partner and enhanced quality and productivity through integrated CMM inspection programming.

CMM Inspection of the steering knuckle utilizing PMI data attached to 3D digital model

EV component manufacturing – Part 5

In this post, we describe how CMM inspection was used during the steering knuckle manufacturing process to ensure its dimensional accuracy and adherence to quality standards. By automating inspection programming using PMI attached to solid models, the CMM system enabled efficient and precise measurement, guaranteeing that critical-to-quality tolerances were met, thus ensuring the steering knuckle’s reliability and performance in real-world conditions.

Image of an excavator, an example of a machine produced by heavy equipment manufacturers, on a construction site.

How heavy equipment companies achieve zero-defect manufacturing in part production

In this blog, we discuss how heavy equipment companies can utilize integrated digital manufacturing solutions (including advanced CAD/CAM software) to achieve zero-defect part manufacturing.

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EV component manufacturing – Part 4

In this article, we focus on the CNC programming phase within a steering knuckle manufacturing project employing NX CAM. The discussion highlights the integration of digital twin technology, advanced CAM software, and the collaborative synergy between CAD designers and CAM programmers.


Merging Tradition and Technology: The NX CAM Recipe for the Perfect Steel Gingerbread Man

As December ushers in the holiday cheer and our new NX for Manufacturing release, we draw parallels between the intricacies of crafting a flawless gingerbread man and the precision needed in part manufacturing. Imagine sculpting this iconic figure, not in dough, but in steel – an ambitious endeavor that our engineers embraced using NX CAM software,

EV component manufacturing – Part 2

In a traditional production setting lacking a digital manufacturing infrastructure, tasks are typically carried out in isolated silos, leading to inefficiencies. This blog emphasizes the need for systematic management of iterations across the team. The adoption of a digital manufacturing infrastructure provides an efficient, error-preventing environment with immediate access to relevant data, design iterations, and real-time changes, offering the means to achieve agility and prevent operational errors.

Image of Siemens eRod digital manufacturing technology demonstrator vehicle

EV component manufacturing – part 1

In this series, we look at a practical application of the digital machine shop in the efficient development of high performance, low weight component parts that will be used on our Siemens e-Rod technology demonstrator.