Virtual CNC Machining demonstration

By Danny Santoro

Watch this short, impromptu, Virtual CNC Machining demonstration by Matthias Leinberger, Director, Business Development, Siemens Digital Industries Software, at Realize LIVE, June 2019.

Watch the video!

Here we are at Realize LIVE!  In this video, I will introduce you to our real virtual machine.  Virtual machining takes place in two parts.   We have our simulation where we emulate a machine with its kinematics and its operations.  And, second, there is a CNC controller, that drives all the operations on this machine.  Typically state of the art today is that we would emulate the behavior of the CNC machine or some sort.

Brand new at this show is a model that we built as a mock-up where we drive simulation with a real Virtual NC Kernel.  It is a 100 percent replica of a SINUMERIC 840 CNC controller.  This is authentic, it is not an emulation. It IS the controller. Running on the laptop in the back driving that simulation.  Everything I want to do with the CNC controller is available here.  I can start and stop the program and make changes.   I can pull up tracking and traces of my specific tool path and operation.  And, everything is in touchscreen.  If I want to look at a specific operation, I can zoom in or out on our model. I can get to a specific angle of an operation.  Everything is available in a virtual world and that is what we are calling a digital twin, an identical digital twin.  Many customers we visited have confirmed that this is what you want. They want an identical digital twin of equipment and control for your operations in CNC manufacturing.

Real Virtual Machine 1.PNG

Matthias Leinberger, Director, Business Development, Siemens Digital Industries Software

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