Low Code and the Case of the Perfect Solution – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 6

By Carly Cohen

This is our last episode in the series. It has been a fun ride addressing fictional business cases with industry experts to tackle very real myths about low code.

If this is your first episode, the podcast series is focused on myth-busting the misconceptions around low code application development. Throughout this series, Ginni Saraswati and Michael Boland sit down with an industry expert to address common myths through the lenses of a fictional industrial customer scenario.

Is low-code development for everyone?

In our final episode, Ginni and Michael are once again speaking with Isaac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO, again to bust the myth that low code is the answer for all development.

Our fictional customer is Susan, a CTO for a small machine builder. She is wary that low code might be vaporware and the blanket positivity is over blown.  

Listen in to hear how Ginni, Michael and Isaac tackle Susan’s misconception that low code is the answer to all development:

Low Code and the Case of the Perfect Solution

What you’ll learn in this low-code podcast episode:

  • Why low-code is important even for technologically equipped teams (02:55)
  • The importance of testing out low-code by creating an MVP (05:03)
  • Questions that you should ask while evaluating the need for low-code (07:50)
  • How Covid impacted the adoption of low-code (09:01)

Ginni Saraswati, Ginni Media
Michael Boland, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Isaac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO

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