How to extend and personalize your Siemens Xcelerator portfolio with low-code 

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Extend the power of your product lifecycle management (PLM) system with low code 

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Mendix recognized as a Leader in low-code application development for professional developers by industry analyst firms

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How manufacturers can build an engine for evolution with composable operations

The concept of composable operations is designed to support manufacturing operations with applications built from simple building blocks of code that can be easily repurposed

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Low-code development enables digital twin creation and takes companies to the next level of digitalization 

Learn about new approaches like digital threads and digital twins that can help connect siloed domains by leveraging digitalization.  

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Personalize manufacturing execution software with embedded low code

With low code, you can take control of personalization needs to make your manufacturing operations more human-centered.

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Modernize the marine industry with low-code development

Low-code development can help solve critical disruptions and provide an easy to use, dynamic solution for complex technological challenges.

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Helping Manufacturing Companies Succeed in their Digital Transformation Journey

To help facilitate digitalization efforts, successful manufacturers rely on low-code technologies like Siemens Mendix and HCL Technologies.

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Low Code and the Case of the Perfect Solution – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 6

In our final low-code development podcast episode, we bust the myth that low code is the answer for all development.