Personalize manufacturing execution software with embedded low code

By Kathleen Middleton

From food to tech, home to business, everyone is looking to personalize the things they interact with every day. Whether it’s a thermostat that automatically adjusts to your schedule, apps personalized to your interests, or technology that’s accessible from anywhere, personalization helps you focus on what you need when you need it.

It’s no different in today’s process or discrete manufacturing environments, where organizations not only have to respond to the personalized demands of consumers and markets, but also want to personalize the experiences for their own workforces. However, personalizing manufacturing execution system (MES) software can be complicated, costly and not always totally fulfill the users’ needs and manufacturers’ goals.

Take ownership of personalization and empower your workforce for creative agility

Manufacturers tailor their manufacturing execution system software to their own business processes, innovations and user productivity. But quickly responding to increasing product changes makes it more challenging to keep repeatability under control. With low code, you can take control of personalization needs to make your manufacturing operations more human-centered and bring repeatability for changing needs to every plant across the entire enterprise.

When you have ownership of personalization, you also have:

  • Increased workforce satisfaction
  • Increased workforce efficiency and streamlined execution
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced support costs

Personalize Opcenter Execution with embedded low-code capabilities from Mendix

To create personalized experiences for your manufacturing workforce in a faster and more convenient way, two Siemens solutions have joined forces for a unique offering. Opcenter Execution – our rich and mature MES, which supports manufacturing execution in process and discrete industries – now offers embedded low-code capabilities from Mendix to create personalized user interfaces and experiences.

Little to no coding experience is required to begin creating personalized applications with low code, so manufacturers can quickly and easily develop the MES applications they need without relying on strained IT resources.

By creating personalized user experiences tailored to specific business needs and user profiles, manufacturers can maximize productivity, enable better decision-making, and accelerate innovation.

Unleash the power of Opcenter MES with Mendix low-code capabilities

Embrace the digital revolution and unleash the power of Mendix together with Opcenter Execution for discrete and process industries.

Watch our YouTube Premiere for more information about what this great partnership can do for your operations. With the help of practical demos, you will learn:

  • How the powerful combination of Opcenter and Mendix will transform your MES deployments and give you the flexibility to enrich digital experiences for shopfloor personnel
  • How the Mendix low-code platform gives you the ability to extend your enterprise processes while connecting and scaling them across the entire value chain
  • How to leverage the collective knowledge of your workforce to create tailored user experiences while reducing implementation and maintenance costs

Watch the YouTube Premiere today, and learn how to unleash the power of a personalized and adaptable MES!

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