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Low Code and the Case of the Rigid Regulations – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 5

In this episode we bust the myth that low-code application development won’t work for an industry like aerospace and defense.

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Low Code and the Case of the Disrupted Developers A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 3

In the podcast this week, we are tackling the myth that that low-code application development will disrupt the culture of a development team.

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Low Code and the Case of the Turbulent Turbines – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 2

In our podcast this week, we address the myth that low-code app development isn’t flexible enough for industrial organizations.

Low Code and the Case of the Inefficient Candy Manufacturer – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 1

Low code is going to replace all your developers! Well not really, but you are probably familiar with this kind…

low-code applications

New year, new insights: how one application changed collaboration forever.

In our age of digitalization, effective communication and documentation is essential for success, particularly in sales.

Digitalize your business processes with low-code applications

Low-code app development allows companies to quickly create personalized applications – without the prerequisite of coding knowledge.

low-code solutions

Creating low-code solutions with big impacts

Werner von Siemens Award award finalist Philipp Lutz discusses his low-code development solution, “Digital Material Supply Revolution.”

extending the digital enterprise with low-code applications

Extending the digital enterprise

Becoming a digital enterprise is more important than ever for business growth. With the need for faster, better, and more…

The bridge to innovation

Break down collaborative barriers! Low-code development empowers your team to work together to accelerate the innovation in digitalization.