Low Code and the Case of the Inefficient Candy Manufacturer – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 1

By Carly Cohen

Low code is going to replace all your developers! Well not really, but you are probably familiar with this kind of talk from technology companies. For every bold marketing claim, like this one, there are an equal number of myths that emerge. The contrast of wild exaggerations and confounding myths leads to confusion around what exactly low-code application development is and how it can work in the industrial space.

Fortunately, we made this special Where Today Meets Tomorrow (WTMT) mini-podcast series to tackle these myths.

In each of these six episodes, Ginni Saraswati and Michael Boland sit down with an industry expert to address common myths through the lens of a fictional industrial customer scenario.

In episode 1, Ginni and Michael are joined by Isaac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO, a company that helps SMBs and enterprises compete with data and technology, develop transformational centers of excellence, and execute smarter, faster, safer and more innovative transformation programs.

We spent some time talking about Nuria’s issues at her Candy Manufacturing company. Nuria, VP of IT, wants to improve her company’s competitive advantage and create a better margin on their most popular product, vertical batch rollers. Batch rollers are popular products for their customers making candy. The CEO has tasked Nuria to push their digital transformation agenda. Nuria is uneasy about low-code application development because she has heard it is not made for her company’s large industrial environment of legacy assets and generally isolated silos of devices, systems and processes.

Take a listen to find out how Isaac addresses Nuria’s concern that low-code app development is only for small and simple business cases.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why digital transformation is a proven strategy of staying competitive (02:45)
  • How Mendix low code can be used to transform big industrial environments (04:47)
  • The problems that low-code platforms solve (06:47)
  • How to prepare the requirements before adopting a low-code application (08:57)


Ginni Saraswati, Ginni Media
Michael Boland, Siemens Digital Industries Software


Issac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO

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Where Today Meets Tomorrow Podcast

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