Low Code and the Case of the Turbulent Turbines – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 2

By Carly Cohen

You’re back! Or maybe you came to episode 2 first. Either way, happy to have you. As mentioned in the first episode of this series, we are myth-busting the misconceptions around low code application development. Throughout this series, Ginni Saraswati and Michael Boland sit down with an industry expert to address common myths through the lenses of a fictional industrial customer scenario.

In episode 1, Ginni and Michael spoke with Isaac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO, to bust the myth that low-code application development is not made for large industrial environments that have legacy assets and generally isolated silos of devices, systems and processes.

This week Ginni and Michael sit down with Jason Bloomberg, Founder and President of digital transformation analyst firm Intellyx, to address the myth that low code isn’t flexible enough for industrial organizations. Our fictional customer is Mary, the VP of Digital Operations for a large Energy and Utilities company focused on hydroelectric energy. She is skeptical about low code because she knows that customization is limited to what a low-code platform comes with and she is very wary of vendor lock-in on such a large investment without custom coding options.

Listen in to hear how Ginni, Michael and Jason address Mary’s concern that low-code app development isn’t for custom code projects:

Low-Code and the Case of the Turbulent Turbines

What You’ll Learn in this episode:

  • Why low-code is the right solution when dealing with large quantities of information (03:44)
  • How low-code applications can be customized to extend the basic functionality (04:35)
  • How low-code bridges the gap between IT and OT (07:02)
  • The best way to mitigate the risk of vendor lock-in while using low-code (09:46)


Ginni Saraswati, Ginni Media
Michael Boland, Siemens Digital Industries Software


Jason Bloomberg, Founder and President of Intellyx

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