Low Code and the Case of the Rigid Regulations – A WTMT special podcast mini-series ep. 5

By Carly Cohen

Busting low-code application myths

We have reached the penultimate episode! If you are just starting with this episode, you have a nice back catalogue to binge. Our series is focused on myth-busting the misconceptions around low-code application development. Throughout this series, Ginni Saraswati and Michael Boland sit down with an industry expert to address common myths through the lenses of a fictional industrial customer scenario.

Last week, we had Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst at Intellyx, bust the myth that low-code application development isn’t worth the financial risk for industrial customers. Take a listen here.

Low-code applications and regulations

This week, Ginni and Michael are speaking with Isaac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO, again to bust the myth that low-code application development won’t work for an industry like aerospace and defense (A&D) that requires consistency and long-term availability.

Our fictional customer is Carly, an engineering manager for an A&D company. Her team has some processes that are being targeted for optimization with a low-code application. Carly is worried that low code is a bad move because it cannot handle the regulatory nature of her industry and requirements for long term commitments.  

Listen in to hear how Ginni, Michael and Isaac address Carly’s concern about low code not being something that will last:

Low-code and the Case of the Rigid Regulations

What you’ll learn in this low-code podcast episode:

  • How low-code’s flexibility makes the transition easier (02:23)
  • Worries that stop most CIOs from adopting low-code solutions (04:29)
  • How low-code benefits test operators (05:17)
  • How it keeps the management safe and prepared for an audit (06:16)

Ginni Saraswati, Ginni Media
Michael Boland, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Isaac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO

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