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Accellera Adopts OVM 2.1.1 for its Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)

By Dennis Brophy


Requirements set for Accellera UVM-EA (Early Adopter) Release

This was a productive week for Accellera. After months of discussions, the Accellera Verification IP Technical Subcommittee (VIP-TSC) voted to adopt OVM 2.1.1 as the base of its verification methodology. Accellera’s OVM version will be called UVM.

In adopting OVM 2.1.1, Accellera signaled it will make further changes. The VIP-TSC has approved changes to (1) modify file names that have OVM in them to UVM, (2) modify any function calls and element names from “ovm” to “uvm,” (3) make possible changes to the “end-of-test” and “callback” code found in OVM 2.1.1, and (4) add a “message catching” feature.

This is good news for Accellera and great news for those who have adopted OVM and use OVM today. I believe OVM users will find it easier to interoperate with this third methodology. As a strong supporter of Accellera standards, we will keep you updated on Accellera UVM as developments merit. Users should expect solid industry support in all their popular tools as the Big-3 EDA suppliers have all voiced public support for this standards project.

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