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Children and the digital world

Coronavirus Impacts on the Electronics Industry: Playing “Hot Potato” in Manufacturing

In the children’s game of Hot Potato, a “hot potato” is passed from one person to another, until the music…

Digitalizing electronics manufacturing

Why Electronics Manufacturers Struggle to Meet Today’s Market Demands

Electronics is evolving every day and expanding into every industry, driving manufacturers to figure out how they can overcome challenges…

Counterfeit components traceability

A new level of component traceability: Fighting malicious code and counterfeit components

Co-authored by: Dr. Eyal Weiss, Zeev Efrat (Cybord), Tovi Yadin (Valor, Siemens) The electronic manufacturing shop floor collects traceability data…

Coronavirus interrupts 2020 electronics industry

First post in the series: Coronavirus impacts on the Electronics Industry

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program… Just over two months ago, we were reading forecasts of 4% to 7% compound…

Factory Planning

Plan to plan on planning effectively

In order to stay competitive in the digitalization age of manufacturing, design organizations of complex products must author, analyze, and…

Valor Configuration tool

New Valor Configuration Tool – advancing service excellence

The Valor Configuration Tool is a new, internal tool that helps to increase the certainty of success of your electronics…

Digital transformation in Electronics Manufacturing

Digital transformation – succeed where others fail

In a world that’s increasingly digitalized, companies are also expected to make the shift to digitalization. During the previous decade,…

Automotive Electronics

Modern Obstacles of Automotive Electronics Manufacturing in Digital Age

Innovation in electronics is enabling rapid growth of all electronics segments such as automotive, consumer, industrial and strategic electronics. This…

Siemens Totally Integrated Automation

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) can play an important role in reducing the programming and engineering effort required to create automation solutions….

Smart electronics material management - Fully automated material management

Fully Automated Material Management for Building a Smarter Factory, Today

As your manufacturing operation is moving to high-mix, low/mid volume with smaller and smaller lots while the cost of materials…