High-mix, low-volume production: The challenge to manufacturing

By Tova Levy

Manufacturing today is all about customization—every consumer wants their unique own device. Mass customization is driving OEMs to create numerous variants of each product and introduce new revisions to the market as quickly as possible.

The only way to provide the quality and speed necessary for that type of mass customization is through digitization. Digitization enables process control that makes it possible for factories to change from one order to another more efficiently to meet the demands of high-mix, low-volume production. In addition, manufacturers can create a digital twin to simulate the entire manufacturing process, making sure that it is well defined and there are no quality issues.

Siemens offers holistic solutions for factory digitization and automation that enable first-time-right production with higher quality and lower cost.

The ROJ Srl experience

ROJ Srl, an Italian electronics designer and producer, has embarked on an extensive initiative to digitize processes across its production floor, and beyond, with a suite of Valor products at the core. The company’s CEO, Franco Oliaro, CEO, says: “With a standalone solution, there may be manual or inefficient integration. And when you have manual, you have mistakes. With Valor, we have the opportunity to react faster to the challenge of the market.”

Watch this video to learn more about factory digitization for high-mix, low-volume production, and read more on ROJ’s digitalization journey.

High-mix, low-volume PCB assembly

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