Webinar: Is the digital manufacturing revolution driving digital evolution?

By Nava Shayovitz

Building the infrastructure for holistic, end-to-end manufacturing

For millions of years, our minds and bodies have been evolving and adapting to dynamic environments. The complex process of evolutionary finetuning was holistic—we integrated into our surroundings, which in turn supported us.

As we transition into the digital age, the question arises—can the digital ecosystem support us as the natural ecosystem did in the past? How can we ensure that our electronic devices support, rather than interfere with, the organic choreography of our bodies and minds?

These are big questions that demand big picture, multidisciplinary answers. They also have implications for the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Is end-to-end manufacturing the answer to today’s complex manufacturing landscape?

As electronic devices become increasingly intertwined with daily human life, they are also becoming highly customized and innovative. Traditional siloed manufacturing, in which one company designs the product, another produces the PCB, and a third produces the final product (box-build) no longer makes real sense. Rather, producing such devices requires a much more holistic approach.

Managing PCB production and box-build as a holistic, end-to-end process enables manufacturers to increase their efficiency and shorten time to market, both crucial to meeting the demand for innovative and customized products.

But how can manufacturers build a smart and agile end-to-end manufacturing process? What tools do they need to make it work?

Watch the webinar for a deep-dive into the intersection between electronics and mechanical manufacturing. We’ll look at holistic ways to prepare for our digital evolution.

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