Teamcenter at Realize LIVE 2020 Recap

By Katie Schwarzwalder

After months of planning, Realize LIVE 2020 has come and gone. On June 23rd and 24th, we held our first virtual user conference, ever! The event was packed with over 12 different experiences and a total of 125 sessions. Realize LIVE proved to be one of the industry’s most influential events. If you missed the Teamcenter experience, or you had too many sessions to watch, don’t worry. You can register now and watch all of the session recordings on-demand.

Within the Teamcenter experience, we highlighted industry-leading customers and Siemens experts within the different sessions to provide product updates and insights to ensure your PLM success. The Teamcenter keynote, “PLM of the Future: A Teamcenter Strategic Update” highlighted the overall strategy for Teamcenter, and demonstrated what’s new in the latest release. The session was presented by Joe Bohman, Senior Vice President of Lifecycle Collaboration Software and Frances Evans, Senior Director, Product Management, and Marketing for Teamcenter and Polarion.

PLM of the Future

The session highlighted an exciting product announcement… the evolution of Teamcenter, Teamcenter X

Teamcenter X
Instant-on cloud PLM for fast return on investment, PLM that grows with you as your business grows, and the Mendix low-code platform keeps you up-to-date with the latest technology

Teamcenter X has years of industry experience bundled into a SaaS cloud offering to get immediate results and grow as your needs evolve. ​Since Teamcenter X is built from our low-code Mendix Cloud platform, it’s future-ready, and always up to date with the latest technology – like AI and machine learning. (There was also a full session dedicated to the details of Teamcenter X.)

As the session continued, Joe and Frances highlighted Teamcenter specifically looking at three key areas: productivity of the future, collaboration of the future, and of course — products of the future. 

Productivity of the Future

Teamcenter Assistant

In this time of uncertainty, we know we can’t predict everything. But what we do know is that as time goes on, we will continually need to do more, with less. We will need to find a way to make work more effective. During the session, Frances solidified this idea by introducing Teamcenter Assistant.  She walked through a demonstration where a new user was able to perform tasks efficiently with the help of the tool. It is built with AI technology to accurately predict what steps you are about to take within Teamcenter.

Collaboration of the Future

Think about the last couple of months. What have you done virtually or remotely you haven’t done before? What about in your personal life? Have you used Skype or FaceTime to have dinner with your family?  Frances spoke about how virtual collaboration has become a part of our “new normal”. She mentioned how Teamcenter is a tool that you can use with your business to help collaborate virtually and keep your team productive, even when everyone is in different locations around the globe.

When everyone is working on different projects, how can you make sure your teams are aligned? Just like the camera on your phone, within Teamcenter, you are now able to take Snapshots and use them to share any configuration and any idea with anyone, regardless of their department or application they use. In the keynote, Frances introduced Snapshots in Teamcenter and how they are able to capture configurations and information that people can reapply to ensure they are always up to date, and in-sync as products continue to change in the future.

Products of the Future

When we think about products of the future, we think about one main question. “Will my systems continue to work together?” As time goes on, it’s imperative that all of the systems you use from multiple domains, including software, mechanical, or electrical, work together.

Teamcenter Multi Domain Architecture

In this session, Joe was excited to announce that we have integrations with new tools, IBM Rhapsody and CAMEO No Magic. Teamcenter can be used to integrate these tools into the digital thread. The digital thread is then able to connect what the engineer does in the tool to the PLM backbone. 

Teamcenter Smart Discovery

Smart Discovery is another new tool within Teamcenter to help you find exactly what you need – fast. It introduces powerful filters, dynamic updates, and proximity properties. You can ask the tool to complete a task like, “Find everything in the left front wheel compartment.” Smart Discovery does the heavy lifting to find what you need.

ALM of the Future

ALM of Future - Polarion X

Joe also introduced Polarion X, the ALM of the Future. This is the world’s first end-to-end SaaS ALM offering. Similar to Teamcenter X, the instant-on capability is available for Polarion X which gives you rapid time-to-value. You also have the ability to integrate the software lifecycle with the product lifecycle. Polarion X includes everything from Polarion On-Premise, in a cloud-based deployment. With Polarion X, updates are deployed faster and users get access to alternative pricing options.

The Evolution of Teamcenter

When looking at those three key areas, productivity of the future, collaboration of the future, and products of the future, I think you can agree that it is an exciting time for Teamcenter and the Teamcenter community.

In addition to the Teamcenter keynote, there were several other Teamcenter sessions that you could also watch on-demand.

Although having these sessions in Vegas and connecting in person would have been the icing on the cake, the value we’ve heard that has come from the virtual event is something to be proud of. Thank you to the thousands of people from around the globe who joined Realize LIVE and inspired our community with stories of how we can succeed during challenging times when we come together around topics, we are all passionate about. I invite you to continue the discussions in the Siemens community as well as in upcoming events to advance human-centered innovation and drive digital transformation in your organization.

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