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What’s new in Teamcenter Share: March 2024

Improve project collaboration with the latest enhancements in Teamcenter Share, including shareable links, faster file uploads, enhanced global search, improved augmented reality (AR) visualization, and more.

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Streamline heavy equipment design for customization

The landscape of heavy equipment manufacturing is evolving, with increasing demand for customized solutions driven by specialization and customer preferences….


⏩ Drive innovation in automotive industry

What’s the key to achieving an integrated end-to-end product collaboration? Learn more about multi-domain bill of materials (BOM).

Engineers review BOM visualization

🔀 Separate design and EBOM to boost PLM efficiency

Accenture: why companies with complex products should separate their Design from their EBOM In the ever-evolving business landscape, as customer…

🛑 Stop information overload

Products become more complex. The amount of data to wade through multiplies. Work in context to increase productivity, reduce errors and get to market faster.

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💨 streamline wind turbine development

Discover how ENERCON used Teamcenter Product Configurator to streamline wind turbine development.

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How to solve the color complexity puzzle in product engineering?

How to use Teamcenter Color BOM capabilities to auto-generate buildable combinations based on marketing features and constraints?

Teamcenter Structure Management integrates the full scope of your product definition

How well do you know your product?

Teamcenter Structure Management integrates the full scope of your product definition from concept through production Your business, no matter what…

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Why Daimler Truck chose Teamcenter for its integrated engineering platform

Digitalization initiatives are becoming increasingly important to OEMs in the automotive and transportation sector. Developing an integrated digital engineering platform…