What’s new in Teamcenter Share: March 2024

By Emma Belovsky

Unlock the full potential of your collaborative projects with the latest enhancements in the March update of Teamcenter Share. Designed to streamline workflows and ensure data security, the newest features in Teamcenter Share include shareable links with controlled permissions, lightning-fast file upload speeds, a more comprehensive global search function and improved 3D model visualization in augmented reality (AR). These upgrades make it easier than ever to share, manage and bring your designs to life, keeping your team productive and your projects on track.

Shareable links 

Share the important files without sharing the entire project. With new shareable links, you can now share single or multiple files with download permission. Teamcenter Share keeps data secure and lets you set expiration dates, allowing you to stop sharing at any time. Links can also be copied and shared via email for added convenience.

Share single or multiple files with download permission.
Share single or multiple files with download permission.

Increased large file upload performance 

Following improvements from both the June 2023 release, which introduced support of files up to 500GB, and the September 2023 release, which increased file upload speed, the March release of Teamcenter Share continues to improve upload performance, specifically for your largest files.

Improved file upload performance allows you and your team to get to work quickly. Files larger than 100GB can now be uploaded faster than ever before – 100GB files now upload 23% faster and 500GB file upload up to 28% faster.

Expanded global search support 

Find projects quickly and easily with global search. This feature, which originally only supported file search, has been expanded to include projects. You can now find and open your projects and folders directly from the global search interface.

Find and open projects and folders from global search.

Improved AR visualization

With augmented reality (AR) in Teamcenter Share, you can view your designs in a real-world environment from your smartphone or tablet, even before it is built. Enhancements in the March release ensure colors defined in Solid Edge display correctly in the AR environment.

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The continuous release cycle of Teamcenter Share ensures delivery of these enhancements and features as fast as possible to help you solve today’s collaboration challenges. 

The rich capabilities of Teamcenter Share address your cloud collaboration needs, from providing your team with secure, central storage with optional data management tools, to enabling ad-hoc collaboration with external stakeholders.

No matter how you choose to deploy Teamcenter,
you get the same proven solutions designed to help you innovate faster.

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