How well do you know your product?

By Chris Scheffer

Teamcenter Structure Management integrates the full scope of your product definition from concept through production

Your business, no matter what its size or industry, creates and maintains a digital representation for every one of the products that you design, manufacture, sell or service. A digital product structure is a central part of your company’s data and processes, and it touches nearly everyone in your company. As such, the product structure must be quickly understood by all your departments, provide comprehensive coverage for authoring and configuration, and be flexible enough to handle multi-domain data.

Your company must also consider how a structure performs at scale. Structures vary from small and simple to large, complex programs, and the structure management solution you employ needs to be robust enough to satisfy the wide-ranging needs of a broad set of company disciplines.

Product structure is the foundation of your digital thread

A comprehensive product structure provides the foundation of your digital thread from concept through production. Teamcenter Structure Management provides a common source of BOM information, including product configuration families and features, to support your innovative and varied product offering.

What types of structures can you manage with Teamcenter Structure Management?

  • Systems modeling
    • Requirements
    • Function
    • Logical
    • Physical
  • Multi-domain (mechanical, electrical, electronics, software)
    • Design
    • Simulation
    • Engineering (EBOM, Formula BOM)
    • Product configuration families and features
    • Prototype BOM
    • Cost BOM
  • Manufacturing planning
    • Manufacturing BOM (MBOM)
    • Bill of Equipment (BOE)
    • Bill of Process (BOP)
    • Plant-specific manufacturing planning structures
  • Service
    • Service BOM (SBOM)
    • Service parts and tools
    • Plan for service
    • Spare parts
    • Service kits and packaging

What can you do with Teamcenter Structure Management?

Teamcenter Structure Management provides the comprehensive coverage that your company needs for evolving, controlling, navigating, analyzing, sharing, and viewing your company’s product structures.

Efficiently navigate Teamcenter product structures in Active Workspace

Navigate your product structure

Working within large structures, it’s easy to find all variants of a structure that you need to work on, configured for your specific tasks. Use Structure Management to filter by spatial proximity or configure by selection. You can also view filtered structures and save worksets with both filtered and unfiltered structures. Check out this previous article for more tips on navigating a product structure in Teamcenter.

Personalize your view

Users can easily personalize their views and the context of a structure to make it fully relevant to the task at hand. Context can be based on maturity, a specified point in time, a set of selected product features, etc. These contexts can be easily created on the fly and shared with other users or groups to facilitate and streamline collaboration.

Author multi-domain product structures

Teamcenter Structure Management lets you efficiently author structures in several ways. You can choose to import a structure from Excel. You can also reuse data from an existing structure by duplicating it. You can specify which lines should be removed, cloned, or reused. Check out this previous article for more tips on authoring a product structures in Teamcenter.

Ready to explore Teamcenter for yourself?

If your company is seeking to establish a comprehensive digital twin and digital thread strategy, you need a solid foundation. Teamcenter Structure Management manages structures in all their forms, establishing a consistent, accessible, scalable product definition for every user, at every stage of the product’s evolution.

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