Asset information handover and CFIHOS

Asset information handover is a major headache for owner/operators (O/O) across capital-intensive industries. I’ve written about the impact of poor…

Are manufacturing data management practices converging with plant engineering?

With increased market volatility, disrupted supply chains, and a push towards more sustainable production, process & discrete manufacturers are seeking more operational efficiency through new technology

Asset Information Handover

The impact of poor asset information handover

The lifecycle of a plant or facility can be upwards of 50 plus years! During this time, the facility will…

Optimizing operations and maintenance with a shared view of the truth

Operations and maintenance productivity and efficiency is a major challenge for organizations across many industries. Research indicates that “the cost…

Drag-and-drop your enterprise data to extend its value

Consolidating and extending the value of your data is now possible. Taking control of your data and ensuring its reliability…

Collaboration for equipment & facility designers

If “context is everything”, what is contextual design for equipment & facility designers?

Managing documents in your plant or facility

Managing documents from native and third-party plant design tools The importance of managing documents cannot be understated. In 2010, then…

Teamcenter at Realize LIVE 2020 Recap

Within the Teamcenter experience, we highlighted industry-leading customers and Siemens experts to provide product updates and insights to ensure your PLM success.

Asset Information Management Streamlines Data Consolidation and Validation

Join us for our webinar highlighting the value of asset information management.