Simcenter Testlab 18: Process Designer speeds up load data analysis

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Analyzing road load data is not only about getting all relevant information from the measurement. Of course, you need a time data display to check your time data acquisition and to better qualify the loads you need to derive “Statistics”, “Rainflow matrices”, “Damage”, “PSDs”, “Range Pairs” or “Level Crossing” results.

But you also need all these capabilities in an environment that lets you generate and view results quickly and easily.

Simcenter Testlab Neo provides a functionality called Process Designer. The Process Designer allows you to select data, create and run processes, and look at the results in a fast and efficient way.

To enhance load data analysis, Simcenter Testlab Process Designer offers

  • a pivot table that shows a concise overview of the channels,

  • a graphical process editing display, and

  • a preview display that immediately shows data that is selected in the pivot.

In all aspects, the software is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Displaying a large amount of time data only takes a few seconds – as the screen merely shows the  necessary data points, without reading the entire file.

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The graphical process editing allows you to intuitively connect software methods such as “Rainflow” or “PSD” in order to obtain precisely the analysis results that you need.

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The software makes use of multiple cores and of the available memory to quickly complete the calculation.

All information on the channels is documented and saved together with the analysis results. In that way, you can check anytime how a particular channel was processed. In case you ever doubt whether a certain calibration, correction factor, editing operation was done on the data: just check the logging of that channel.

And the best of it: you can use it either with product licenses or via flexible Simcenter Testlab tokens! Go ahead and try it!

If you want to read more about Simcenter Testlab fatigue and load-data analysis, please read the attached solution brief.