System-level, post-layout electrical analysis for high-density advanced packaging (HDAP)

HDAP designs like FOWLP need post-layout simulation (analog) and post-layout STA (digital) flows to augment basic physical verification DRC and LVS.

Crossing the chasm: Bringing SoC and package verification together

3D IC package designers need assembly-level LVS for HDAP verification.

Package designers need assembly-level LVS for HDAP verification

While advanced integrated circuit (IC) packaging is a fast-growing market, comprehensive package verification still has a ways to go. Unique…

Understanding 3D IC Technology: Unveiling the Future of Integrated Circuits

Delve into the world of 3D IC technology, its architecture, benefits, and applications. Learn how it’s reshaping the future of integrated circuits for enhanced performance and efficiency.

2.5D and 3D IC design testing challenges

Shifting left for earlier testing in 2.5D and3D IC design

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3D heterogeneous integration devices with multiple 3D IC components

The impact of 3d heterogeneous integration on semiconductor device reliability

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Test engineer performing design rule checks manually for 3D IC heterogenous designs

Assembly level layout vs. schematic in 3D IC design verification

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Engineer seated at computer studying physical prototype for early planning of interconnect systems and design verification workflows

Importance of early planning for interconnect verification in 3D IC physical design workflows

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3D IC design engineer using gloved hands to inspect and verify components

Front-end architectural verification considerations for 3D IC design

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