Energy Transformation – Unpacking Siemens Digital Lifecycle Excellence – ep. 1

By Blake Snodgrass

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When you want to get maximum value from an asset, it’s not enough to just design, build and install it. You need to also collect all the data showing its performance in operation as well as keep a record of any repairs and adjustments. Siemens Digital Lifecycle Excellence helps you do that by paving the road for efficient data collection, processing, and analysis from the design stage to the eventual decommissioning.

In this first of four episodes, John Nixon of  Siemens Digital Industries Software is joined by John Lusty, the Industry Lead for Energy & Utilities Industry Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software. They have 55 years of combined experience in the energy and utility industry. Today, they’ll help us understand the need for continuous data collection from the design stage to the decommissioning point.

In this episode, you will learn what Siemens Digital Lifecycle Excellence entails and the impact it is expected to have on the energy industry. You will also hear about the data management problem that Siemens Xcelerator solves. Additionally, you will learn about the benefits that the energy industry stands to gain from digitalizing.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The eight segments within Siemens DISW’s energy and utility industry (02:20)
  • What the digital lifecycle approach entails (03:51)
  • The problems that Siemens Xcelerator solves (08:15)
  • How a digitalized energy industry will help in attracting talent (16:23)
John Nixon

John Nixon

Senior Director – Energy and Utilities, Siemens Digital Industries Software

John Lusty

John Lusty

Global Industry Marketing Leader – Energy & Utilities, Siemens Digital Industries Software


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Energy Transformation Podcast Podcast

Energy Transformation Podcast

Stay up to date on industry trends and discover what the future holds for the
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