AI Spectrum – Simplifying Simulation with AI Technology Part 2

By Spencer Acain

Virtual testing of products has significantly been improved by the use of AI. We can now use models based on data from previous development cycles to create feasible designs faster. This translates to a shorter time to market and a lower cost of simulation because optimal cases are identified in advance.

In this episode, the second part of two, Spencer Acain interviews Justin Hodges, AI/ML specialist and Product Manager for Siemens Simcenter. He’ll help us understand how AI’s predictive capabilities help in simulation. He’ll also share with us how Siemens is approaching the field of AI/ML.

Tune in and learn more about how AI/ML is being applied in the world of product modeling and testing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Predictive capabilities of AI in simulation and design (00:35)
  • How product testing benefits from AI/ML technology (03:55)
  • Simcenter’s competitive advantage in the field of AI/ML (06:02)
  • How to build trust in AI solutions (10:04)
Dr. Justin Hodges

Dr. Justin Hodges

AI/ML Technical Specialist and Product Manager for Siemens Simcenter.

Spencer Acain

Spencer Acain

Technical Writer for Global Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software

AI Spectrum Podcast

AI Spectrum

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