Design the perfect vehicle interior the first time

By Andreas Knipschild

When it comes to the interior design of vehicles, aircraft, or yachts, OEMs expect the highest level of perfection for their customers. After all, they are supposed to experience the fascination of the brand throughout its entire service life. But how can manufacturers move quickly and reliably from the design draft to flawless production?

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to go through eight to ten design cycles of a seat cover design before production as they confirm the leather fits without wrinkles or tension, the seams are positioned correctly, and the optimum cuts are made. With smaller batch sizes, more variants and associated armrests, headrests, dashboards, or door handles, this becomes a real challenge.

What if your company could save the excessive design cycles forever? What if you could control the entire development process with its 5000 unknowns right from the start? You can.

By using a digital twin, the reference can be optimized with material data and cost previews from the database – right down to the details of thread consumption and seam thickness. Comprehensive parts lists and graphic production instructions ensure perfect craftsmanship. And best of all, the software supports manufacturers with accurate solution alternatives even during the consultation phase.

A leading software solution for this is Mastertrim which is part of NX and the Xcelerator portfolio from Siemens Digital Industries Software. As an IT service provider in the areas of product development, corporate management and IT service, MAIT not only has broad IT expertise and industry knowledge, but also years of experience with Mastertrim.

MAIT is an Expert partner specializing in NX, Specialized Engineering Solutions, Teamcenter and Opcenter Quality and has been a Siemens partner since 1995. Interested in a first domain analysis? Contact MAIT.

Andreas Knipschild is the Senior Sales Manager at MAIT Germany GmbH, Dipl.-Ing Maschinenbau-Konstruktionstechnik. He is an expert in vehicle composites and interior development, product development processes with over 30 years of PLM experience (CAX and PLM system Teamcenter) in the automotive industry and its suppliers in mechanical engineering and aero technology.

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