Why should you choose Opcenter for Manufacturing Operations Management?

In this new video, Raffaello Lepratti, Siemens Vice President – MOM Business Development and Marketing, will share how Opcenter is enabling digital transformation of manufacturing through its harmonized manufacturing operations management solutions united under one portfolio.

R&D lab technician using smart software applications to digitalize R&D test and verification data

Smart Digital R&D labs to boost innovation for automotive and discrete manufacturers

Current and next gen products depend heavily on chemistry and advanced materials research and laboratory activities across the supply chain. Smart Digital R&D labs are critical to enforce data sharing across the value chain and enable continuous improvements to boost innovations.

AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter Execution Discrete 4.0

A new version of our MES for Discrete Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Discrete 4.0.

Opcenter Execution Discrete is designed to satisfy the most common needs of industries in which specific macro areas are dedicated to executing sequential discrete manufacturing functions in order to produce the desired product.

Live Webinar – Reap the benefits of closed-loop Quality optimization for Heavy Equipment manufacturers

Heavy equipment (HE) manufacturers and their suppliers are leading with innovations to the product line to meet their customer demands…

AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter Execution Discrete 3.2

A new version of our MES for Discrete Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Discrete 3.2

MD&D at a crossroads: digitalization and operational excellence for small – and medium-sized manufacturers

MD&D manufacturers are at a crossroads. They can tackle the challenges in the industry with innovation or with perseverance. Both…

Closed-loop Quality System for Industrial Machinery Industry

In the age of Industry 4.0, industrial machinery manufacturers face increasing pressures to help their customers implement innovative processes and…

FMEA as a Business Process Tool

More and more industries are discovering what the Automotive and Heavy Equipment companies have known for years. The same tools they use and trust to define, quantify and control risk around manufact…