Opcenter Execution Discrete

Taking your industrial machinery manufacturing operations to the next level: Siemens’ MES as your operational backbone

Industrial machinery production is a complex and ever-changing process, and manufacturers are constantly faced with challenges related to meeting customer…


What’s new in Opcenter Intelligence Cloud 2301

Enhancing insight into manufacturing data to improve trend analysis and decision-making Opcenter Intelligence Cloud SaaS software is an enterprise manufacturing…

Siemens Digital Logistics

Digital Supply Chain Twins create new opportunities for Manufacturers

World is changing faster than ever before and the only constant thing in life is the constant change. The traditional…


Digital manufacturing and its role in W.A. Pfeiffer’s business growth [VIDEO]

W. Andreas Pfeiffer – Maschinen- und Apparatebau manufactures precision components for a wide variety of applications such as optical devices,…


What’s new in Opcenter Execution Discrete 2301

A new version of our MES for Discrete Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Discrete 2301 Opcenter™ Execution Discrete 2301, which…

Industrial Machinery

Utilizing MOM to counter rising material costs

Raw material prices have increased over the last years due to their popularity in various applications and industries. The demand…

Opcenter Mendix

Unleash the power of the Opcenter MES platform with Mendix low-code capabilities

In today’s digital era, personalization is everywhere. Manufacturers are looking for more personalized and value-adding experiences for their workforce, in…

Integrated Factory Operations

IT/OT Convergence in Factories Today

The increasing complexity of today’s manufacturing industry requires manufacturers to add flexibility to their operations without losing efficiency or productivity….


MES as a Core Innovation Target

A manufacturing execution system (MES) cannot be an afterthought; rather, it must be a core piece of factory innovation programs….