What’s new in Opcenter Intelligence Cloud 2310

By Alessandro Cereseto

Enhancing manufacturing insights to improve trend analysis and decision-making

Using Opcenter Intelligence Cloud enables you to connect, organize and aggregate manufacturing data from disparate company sources into cohesive, intelligent, and contextualized information to gain immediate and actionable insights. This information includes process data combined with business information, operations data and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Create KPI target matrices based on time dimensions

We have enhanced the KPI target matrices in version 2310 to manage KPI targets that relate to time dimensions. With this capability, you can now create KPI target matrices with the target based on a time dimension.

For templates not already based on time dimensions, you can select the time-related target matrix option to create a target matrix based on time and choose from a list of time-related attributes. For example, day, week, month, work calendar shift, work calendar day, etc. You can also create a target matrix based on a combination of a product dimension (equipment, material, etc.) and a time dimension.

Some benefits of the latest version:

  • Analyze material inventory and identify inventory movements to reduce stockouts or overstocks
  • Analyze waste costs and identify root causes
  • Analyze material consumption to identify quality issues for consistency, reduce waste and costs and make process improvements to reduce dropped components
  • Monitor KPIs and enhance target definition
  • Analyze KPIs and raw data to enable better line and plant visibility
  • Create better UX using customer in-app feedback, tips and interactive guidance

Opcenter Intelligence Cloud 2310 brings a lot of valuable capabilities, here are some of them:

  • Material inventory dashboard
  • Data model extensions for the electronics industry
  • KPI target management, a new KPI table widget
  • KPI target matrices based on time dimensions
  • Multiple parallel contexts support
  • Asset state table widget, which displays context data related to each state
  • Customer listening program
  • WalkMe, a digital adoption platform
  • Technological upgrades

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Gain global visibility

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