Worker using a laptop computer to view supply chain logistics and production scheduling software data.

Extend digital efficiencies across the supply chain

Welcome to the first of a series of four blogs about extending digital efficiencies across the supply chain. By implementing modern digital manufacturing software, production facilities have made great strides to increase throughput, decrease operational expenses and add to net profits.

Your Trusted Pathway to Promise Perfection: The Top 3 Capabilities that a Capable-to-Promise system should have. 

A capable-to-promise system enables enterprises to commit to customer order delivery dates, based on production/resource capacity and inventory.  

an automated guided vehicle (agv) navigates a lights-out factory

Lights-out manufacturing – the myths vs the realities

Discover how the manufacturing industry is grappling with the pressures of reduced labor costs and increased efficiency, pushing them to consider the concept of a “lights-out” factory.

Monitoring and controlling material flow for a more efficient automotive manufacturing floor

Modern automotive manufacturing software streamlines complex material flow in the automotive industry. It enhances efficiency and transparency through visualizing and monitoring the flow. Whether JIT, JIS, or one-piece systems, it empowers better decision-making, inventory control, and real-time production updates.

Worker looking at a laptop screen that contains a personalized user interface for their mes software.

A personalized user experience (UX) maximizes MES value

Unlock manufacturing productivity with personalized user experiences (UX). This blog post explores how UX personalization, combined with low code technology, empowers non-IT specialists to customize user interfaces for maximum efficiency.

Abi research MES software solution provider rankings

Siemens Digital Industries Software recognized as a Leader in ABI Research’s 2022 Competitive Ranking report of Manufacturing Execution Systems Software Suppliers

ABI Research’s recognition of Siemens Opcenter as a Leader in the market clearly demonstrates the value that both mid-market and large enterprises are finding in our broad portfolio of MES applications and services…

The importance of quality management in the automotive industry

Volker Schwickert, Vice President for QMS Software, Global Portfolio Development, Siemens Digital Industries Software explains the challenges that the automotive…

An Integrated APS and SCM disrupts traditional Supply Chain Management 

It is no secret that supply chains, involving hundreds or thousands of external suppliers, partners and third parties, are becoming increasingly strategic and complex. Moreover, supply chains are increasingly forced to keep pace with the new model of the circular economy. 

Business people using APS software combined with Supply Chain Management software

Managing complex supply chains in uncertain times

A growing risk for manufacturers as they strive to maintain production schedules and on-time deliveries is the impact of supply chain volatility.