Man in warehouse using DDMRP to manage manufacturing resources

Smooth out your planning wrinkles with demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP)

Demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) is the greatest innovation in supply chain management in decades…

Puzzel pieces representing APS and ERP systems are being joined together by buidness people

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) complement each other

Learn how Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) work together to provide the greatest benefit to your manufacturing floor….

Formulating a successful digital transformation

Siemens has identified some key ingredients common to the many successful digital transformations we have helped implement….

The impact of new European Medical Device regulations

The New Regulation (EU) 2017/745 for medical devices (MDRs), which went into effect on May 26, 2021, is a major update to the regulatory framework in the European Union (EU)….

Image of a lights out factory feature an automated production line

Factories of Future: Data driven and towards lights-out processes

The data-driven, lights-out factory of the future promises to bring new efficiencies and higher product quality. The success of new lights-out factories is inspiring, but what prerequisites are needed to help manufacturers on their journey?…

Man checking inventory in a warehouse. He has employed a make-to-stock strategy instead of make-to-order.

Make-to-order versus make-to-stock planning: What makes sense for you?

Whether your manufacturing company currently approaches planning primarily through a make-to-order (MTO) or a make-to-stock…

Enabling on-time delivery of quality management activities

Boosting on-time delivery of quality management activities

By fully considering and addressing quality from the very beginning of a product development and production cycle, manufacturers can achieve “best-in-class” outcomes and avoid costly variations in advanced planning or implementation stages….

Siemens Quality Management

Realize the value of Quality management in the digital era

In the digital age, changing consumer behavior is shaping the future of product innovations across all industries. Excellence in product and production quality is as critical as speed to innovation….

Control Plan

Managing quality with enhanced engineering collaboration

Complex process, product and supplier structures require effective control and inspection planning from the early stages until the end of project lifecycle. The creation of a control plan is a vital component of an effective advanced quality planning process. …