NX CAD/CAM cloud-based trial: Join Amy, Steve and Curt for a guided tour

Join moldmaker Amy, machinery components job shop programmer Steve and aerospace contract manufacturer Curt on a journey through an NX CAM expert-led guided trial. With this 30 days free cloud-based trial uncover ways to ramp up your CAM programming productivity and reduce machining time as they introduce you to the latest machining operations and strategies in NX CAM.

CAM is in our DNA [article] 

The secret to successful CAM programming is blending machinists’ wisdom and automation. Read the full article by Digital Engineering 24/7, the primary resource source for industry news, trends, and the latest technologies to learn how Siemens NX CAM synergizes machinists and automation to boost productivity.

Digital innovation energizes small manufacturers’ business [CIMdata commentary]

Hear from leading industry analyst, CIMdata, about why small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), job shops, and part manufacturers should embrace digital manufacturing to operate more efficiently, while accelerating high-quality production. Read full CIMdata commentary emphasizing the advanced benefits of digital manufacturing for SMEs.

What’s New in NX for Manufacturing (June 2021)

The new, advanced capabilities in the latest NX release enable higher automation at each step of the manufacturing process, improving…

The launch of the quadcopter.

The Digital Machine Shop: Making an Idea Go Airborne

Welcome to a new weekly blog series designed to show you how the concept of a Digital Machine Shop plays…

Inspect mold quality - automating CMM inspection programming

The Quadcopter Story with the Digital Machine Shop

What does it take to manufacture a quadcopter? How does the Digital Machine Shop transform the manufacturing process? Find the…

Realize LIVE: Mold & Die Manufacturing in the Digital Machine Shop

Check out the list of demonstrations and a breakout session featuring Mold & Die Manufacturing with NX CAM software.  Put these sessions on your agenda and learn from the experts!

What’s New in NX CAM – Mold and Die Machining

Watch our video highlighting the new mold & die machining capabilities in NX CAM software. 

Learn about:

Bottom Up Cutting
Minimum Cut Depth
Open and Closed Area Region Co…

NX 12 for Manufacturing Overview

Watch our new NX 12 for manufacturing overview video!

NX 12 for Manufacturing introduces the next generation of software tools for CNC machining, additive manufacturing, and robotics to en…