NX CAD/CAM cloud-based trial: Join Amy, Steve and Curt for a guided tour

Join moldmaker Amy, machinery components job shop programmer Steve and aerospace contract manufacturer Curt on a journey through an NX CAM expert-led guided trial. With this 30 days free cloud-based trial uncover ways to ramp up your CAM programming productivity and reduce machining time as they introduce you to the latest machining operations and strategies in NX CAM.


Merging Tradition and Technology: The NX CAM Recipe for the Perfect Steel Gingerbread Man

As December ushers in the holiday cheer and our new NX for Manufacturing release, we draw parallels between the intricacies of crafting a flawless gingerbread man and the precision needed in part manufacturing. Imagine sculpting this iconic figure, not in dough, but in steel – an ambitious endeavor that our engineers embraced using NX CAM software,

Smart Machine Kit Solutions hits milestone of 100 kits on Post Hub

Post Hub, the cloud-based postprocessing platform for NX CAM, now offers a remarkable collection of 100 unique SMKS (Smart Machine Kit Solutions) ready for download. Discover an extensive collection of Smart Machine Kits of top-tier machine tools OEMs, including DMG MORI, GF Machining Solutions, Mazak, Doosan, Hurco, Jyoti, and many more.

Hidden champion of digitalization [ARTICLE]

How can a small part manufacturing company compete globally? Many manufacturers are faced with this question as the future of…

CAM is in our DNA [article] 

The secret to successful CAM programming is blending machinists’ wisdom and automation. Read the full article by Digital Engineering 24/7, the primary resource source for industry news, trends, and the latest technologies to learn how Siemens NX CAM synergizes machinists and automation to boost productivity.

The Perfect Gingerbread Man

What does it take to make a perfect gingerbread man? For one, it requires a lot of skills. If you…

What’s new in NX for Manufacturing (December 2020)

The latest version of NX for Manufacturing, a comprehensive software portfolio for part manufacturing, is now available. Our Digital Manufacturing…

Title image for Modern Machine Shop Article on NX CAM

Four New High-Performance Milling Techniques for 3D Machining

Most shops doing intricate 3D machining have to deal with long cycle times and laborious post-machining finishing processes. Modern Machine…

On-demand Webinar: Accelerate Production with Multiple Setup Machining

Are you looking to boost your efficiency with advanced CAM software and stay competitive through automation? Register and view the…