NX helps Supacat connect to the global Australian supply chain

Supacat, a design and engineering specialist of high mobility defense vehicles, has selected Siemens Digital Industries Software to boost engagement…

Sports Yacht in development. Photo credit: Princess Yachts.

Smooth sailing with the next generation of yachts

The marine industry is undergoing major changes that are impacting the design, engineering and manufacturing of all types of seagoing…

Revolutionizing Remote Development of Personalized Arm Prosthetics for Kids

Easton LaChappelle was 14 years old when he decided to build a fully functional hand. Bored, curious and fascinated with…

Customer Success: Red Bull Racing

Using a suite of Siemens Software helps Red Bull Racing achieve efficiency, consistency and cost-effectiveness

Electrolux: Shape living for the better

Magnus Edholm, Head of Marketing Digital Enterprise and Giovanni Pacini, the Global Director of Digital Industrial Operations of Electrolux discuss how Siemens technologies can support the white goods producer to stay competitive, improve customer experience and remain innovative.

Setting the pace of innovation at POLAR

The consumer market is really tough.  You have to enter at the right time and more importantly at the right…

Aerion Supersonic: The world’s first environmentally responsible supersonic aircraft

Aerion’s AS2 is the first-ever privately built supersonic commercial aircraft. Designed to be inherently environmentally responsible, the AS2 is the first supersonic aircraft with the ability to accept 100 percent synthetic fuel. It is also the first to be designed without an afterburner. Using Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio, Aerion can use advanced design and simulation software to speed aircraft development, as well as achieve superior levels of performance in flight and excellence in operations.

Lazer Helmets is known for engineering innovation and design sophistication.

Lazer Helmets pushes the limits of helmet design with digital twins

Motorcycle helmet design usually doesn’t pop to mind when you are talking about digital twins. But then, you haven’t met…

The Design Alliance: Electronic and Mechanical

An electro-mechanical design advantage could be a deciding factor for success now and for years to come