Image of a printed circuit board with text onscreen that says DDR and AMS simulation in the PADS Professional Premium flow.

DDR and AMS Simulation in the PADS Professional Premium flow

Analysis at every step of the design process has become essential in producing quality boards with less rerun time and…

An image of a printed circuit board with text that says PADS Professional 2.13

What’s new in PADS Professional release VX.2.13

The new VX.2.13 release of PADS Professional has improvements for the following features in PADS Professional layout. Enhancements to the…

Graphic that shows a PCB and says "Five ways to achieve pre-layout simulation with PADS Professional Premium."

Five ways to achieve pre-layout simulation with PADS Professional Premium

With increasingly advancing technology and faster edge rates in today’s integrated circuits, it’s important to find more efficient ways to…

An image of an printed circuit board design in Xpedition software with text that says: what is PCB design?

What is PCB design?

PCB design is the entire process of creating a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) through collaboration and integration between multiple disciplines…

An illustration showing PADS FPGA/PCB co-design on a computer screen.

FPGA/PCB co-design with PADS Professional Premium

As the complexity of today’s designs continue to increase, more electronic product designers are turning to Field Programmable Gate Arrays…

Illustration of a computer screen with a screen shot of the PADS Professional Premium software doing RF design

Meeting RF design challenges with PADS Professional Premium

The demand for electronics with gigahertz wireless technology, as well as IoT consumer devices have both increased dramatically. This has…

Illustration of a computer screen with text that says rigid-flex PCB design

Considerations for rigid-flex design

Rigid-flex design introduces several challenges that many of today’s design tools cannot handle. These could include: The best way to…

Illustration of a computer showing MCAD integration with PADS Professional Premium

MCAD Collaboration with PADS Professional Premium

One of the trends emerging over the past several years is packing more and more functionality onto ever decreasing substrates….

Warehouse with High Shelves and Loader.

The road to resilience at the point of design: Knowledge

In our third episode of the Printed Circuit Podcast, we talk about how to create resilience at the point of…