DC drop resistance analysis in the PADS Professional Premium flow

By Shivani Joshi

One impressive, and significant, feature of HyperLynx in the PADS Professional Premium flow is the DC drop resistance analysis. DC resistance analysis returns a point-to-point resistance between a VRM pin and each IC power pin on a power net, which provides additional data on the power distribution network performance. Users have the option to select between ‘resistances’ or ‘DC + resistances’ options prior to simulation to begin the setup process for DC drop analysis on a desired power net based on their desired results.

The resistances option will generate a text file report of the point-to-point DC resistances between the VRM pin and each IC power pin. Alternatively, the DC + resistances option will execute a full DC drop analysis, as well as a report of the point-to-point DC resistance matrix. DC resistance analysis provides support for resistance-based designs. A user can manage the point-to-point resistances seen in the resistance matrix even when specific details of an IC’s current are unknown. Typically, resistance-based designs require that the designer has knowledge of a target resistance, however, in the case where no data is available (like no current sync data, no target resistance, or no VRM data), the HyperLynx DC drop point-to-point resistance matrix calculations will allow a user to view the VRM to power pin resistance from multiple components. This can be incredibly useful to see if any of the components have a drastic difference in point-to-point resistance in comparison to that of others.

Using PADS Professional Premium’s HyperLynx options like DC drop analysis can advance your PCB design flow and your time to market.

Using Hyperlinks in your PADS Professional Premium flow lets you evaluate alternatives to optimizing for cost and performance all while ensuring the design meets stringent signal integrity, power integrity, and timing requirements. Designers and engineers alike can assess the relative impacts of component spacing, impedance routing, layer spacing, and more while analyzing DC drop through the board to determine the right combination for their designs.

Watch this 20 minute on-demand webinar to learn more about PCB signal integrity in the PADS Professional Premium flow.

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