What’s new in PADS Professional VX.2.14

By Jim Martens

PADS Professional is the best-in-class PCB design and analysis software for individuals and small workgroups. The PADS Professional desktop is amplified with capabilities enabled by the cloud. The new VX.2.14 release of PADS Professional includes improvements and enhancements to the cloud applications and PADS Professional Layout.

Enhancements enabled by the cloud applications

In this release there are several improvements to the PADS Professional Connect application including a new collaboration panel that greatly elevates the design review process. Also, there is a new integration (coming soon) with Microsoft Teams that ensures the entire team remains informed about design changes.

PADS Professional supports seamless drag & drop integration with the component research available through PartQuest Portal. PartQuest Portal has undergone a remarkable transformation through the new integration of Siemens Supplyframe’s comprehensive component data. This integration grants you access to an extensive database of over 625 million parts and ECAD models, while also providing real-time supply chain insights from more than 125 globally recognized component distributors.

PADS Professional Layout

In Layout we have continued to improve the user experience and efficiency when using physical reuse, enabling users to create and replace physical reuse sources and instances as well as maintain text edits from source in all instances

Now you can move tuning patterns along a trace and jump segment when necessary to improve efficiency with high-speed designs or designs where rules may slightly change during the design cycle

Enhanced in VX.2.14 is also the ability to renumber reference designators in PADS designer.

Overall VX.2.14 delivers considerable value across PADS Professional.

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