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Automotive EE Systems Revolution podcast roundup - car image

The E/E architecture and the future of automotive innovation

Over time, vehicles have become dramatically more complex due to technological advances and consumer trends….

Wire harness design and manufacturing

Merged formboards to improve harness manufacturing

The wire harness industry is very competitive. Increasing complexity is straining profitability of the manufacturing…

Capital E/E Systems Development at Realize LIVE

Capital E/E Systems Development at Realize LIVE 2020

Due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our global community, Realize LIVE…

Automotive EE Systems Revolution podcast roundup - car image

Generative design solves automotive E/E systems design challenges

Automakers are integrating more electrical and electronic (E/E) content into their vehicle platforms to enable…

Top view of electrical system of car. As cars are becoming autonomous and all electric, the E/E system design plays a critical role. Innovation and integration of technologies have resulted in a tremendously complex system of electronic control units, sensors, actuators, and wiring to connect it all. The size and complexity of these architectures create new challenges for automotive OEMs and their suppliers. In this session, see a closer examination of the E/E architecture challenges and impact on business models.

Webinar: The criticality of E/E systems in autonomous and electric cars

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 19 MINUTES Watch it here Examine the criticality of E/E systems architecture challenges…

Webinar: Technology for greater manufacturing efficiency

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 29 MINUTES Watch webinar Learn new features that address key formboard merging challenges….

Navigating new pressures in automotive E/E systems design

Automotive executives see innovation as critical to the success of their companies. Today, that innovation…

Black and gray luxury car chases airplane down stripped runway into the yellow and orange sunset. This relates to E/E Systems Development and Electrical Systems with Capital by encapsulating both the Aerospace and Automotive industry into one image as well as how we are continually moving forward with solutions for our customers.

E/E Systems Article Roundup

Please enjoy these highly requested articles on Capital E/E systems development and electrical systems. Automotive…

The digital thread and coherent change management

Webinar: The digital thread and coherent change management

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 26 MINUTES Watch it here Learn about change management and collaboration – fundamental…