A quick look into automotive Ethernet and in-vehicle networks

Learn more and master the design challenges of Automotive Ethernet communication Non automotive ethernet, in and of itself, is merely…

airplane image showing siemens xcelerator capital software selected by airbus

Wiring harness design: underappreciated, ‘secret’ ingredient of aerospace success

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Vehicle Electrification and Integrated E/E Systems

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A tale of two formboards: How to improve merged formboard efficiency

Wiring harness manufacturing is complex, time-consuming and often inefficient. Part of the reason is that formboards play an integral role…

Luxury car electric car is charging. Close-up. EV Car. Electric car. Charging Station with the power cable plugged in.Technology car. A Future transport. Recharging. High technology . Transportation EV. Transport EV car. Innovation future. - Image

4 Key Challenges of EV Software Development — and How to Overcome Them

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Ensuring functional safety in combo-box architecture

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Model-based approach to electrical systems integration

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All-electric eVTOL design challenges aircraft manufacturers with complexity and risk (Part 3-3)

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4 Key Capabilities of a Successful E/E System Development Solution for eVTOL (Part 2-3)

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