Network design software for E/E systems in heavy equipment

By Sarah Bartash

Mastering multi-protocol communication in one tool

Communication networks are a critical aspect of all modern heavy equipment. Complexity coming from electrification, advanced driver assistance and automation, fleet management, and V2X connectivity increases the demands on network communication design to a level that stresses traditional protocols and complicates existing design processes and methods. Design issues detected during physical testing or later risk negatively impacting program timing. Digital transformation allows manufacturers to detect those issues sooner and trace them back to design decisions.

The electronic and electrical systems design process

One of the topics included is J1939, a standard for the interoperability of on-board communication networks. J1939, supports heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles. The standard is relevant to trucks and tractors which extends to most commercial vehicles, and most HE vehicles.

In this webinar, we will discuss all aspects of heavy equipment electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures, including:

  • The challenges of heavy equipment network design
  • Managing a hybrid mixture of traditional and newer network technologies
  • Full end-to-end behavior
  • A look into the challenges and benefits of combining J1939 with ethernet

Discover how Siemens delivers the keys to success with our model-based, multi-protocol communication network electrical systems design solution to reduce costs, enhance quality and avoid costly program iterations. Register today to join the conversation.

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