The hidden value of aerospace technical documentation

Aerospace documentation and diagnostics can be your unsung hero in improving your bottom line. By providing comprehensive electrical information you…

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Three ways to automate wire harness costing

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How integrations enable data exchange & digital thread between domains

Mastering platform electrical systems integration for aerospace

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What is AUTOSAR Classic Platform R20-11?

The earlier days of the AUTOSAR standard have been discussed before, by the mid 2010’s it was becoming clear that…

AUTOSAR Classic Platform, how standard is a standard?

AUTOSAR has been evolving and expanding to cover a wide range of Automotive Use-cases since it began in 2003. OEM’s…

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Building blocks for better wiring harness manufacturing engineering

The speed with which wire harness makers can bring new or changed designs successfully into production is a key competitive…

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Wiring harness design: underappreciated, ‘secret’ ingredient of aerospace success

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Overcome the challenges in development of increasingly complex vehicle E/E architectures

Today, there’s a considerable amount of pressure on automotive OEM’s to rapidly develop more advanced electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures….

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Vehicle Electrification and Integrated E/E Systems

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