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Luxury car electric car is charging. Close-up. EV Car. Electric car. Charging Station with the power cable plugged in.Technology car. A Future transport. Recharging. High technology . Transportation EV. Transport EV car. Innovation future. - Image

Advanced automotive ethernet network design solutions for next-generation systems

With the rapid rise of electronics in vehicles, new vehicle technologies require more complex network topologies. This is important to…

IESF 2022 automotive conference brings together great minds and connections for a one day event

Since its inception over 20 years ago, IESF Automotive has been a must-attend event for automotive E/E design engineers and…

image of a concept electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle

Overcoming growing E/E systems complexity in small companies

Smaller companies are not immune to the design challenges inherent to the increasing complexity of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems….

man sitting at a desk working on embedded software

Establishing a software factory to support developer-centric system design

In the era of electrification, it’s not just fuel that makes a car go. Software is essential to its operation,…

close up of a person assembling wire harness

4 ways wire harness manufacturers overcome complexity with Siemens

Wire harness manufacturing is a low-margin business challenged with creating complex products amid evolving electrical innovations and design uncertainty. Let’s…

aerospace harness installation

Your aerospace harness installation design checklist

A formula for success as complexity increases in aerospace must include harness installation design. The design for a wiring harness…

Coordinate E/E product lifecycle data with holistic tool integrations

Year-on-year, the electronics content of vehicles increases. Accordingly, OEMs seek to meet the market’s demand for advancements in advanced driver…

closeup showing harness Complexity Costs

A model solution to managing harness complexity costs

Complexity can have a significant impact on the cost of manufacturing wiring harnesses. But quantifying the cost is difficult, especially…

Rear view of luxury car illustrating Model-based design approach

Optimize your automotive platform electrical systems with a model-based design approach

Bringing all platform electrical content together in a predictable, efficient, and profitable way is a key challenge in transitioning to…