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Embracing a sustainable future through wiring harness design

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it is a concept vital to the future of all businesses, and especially…

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A look at how Terma accelerates wire harness design with Siemens Capital Essentials

Traditional methods of designing wire harnesses are mostly manual and error-prone – and they no longer work for today’s highly…

Capital software integration with IBM for automotive and aerospace

Printed Circuit Podcast: Siemens’ Erica Van Berkum Explores E/E co-design best practices for automotive & aerospace cables and harnesses

Meeting new challenges in the automotive and aerospace harness industry requires innovative design approaches that rely heavily on effective E/E…

Year-End Wrap-up for the Electronic and Electrical Systems Blog

As we bid farewell to another transformative year, it’s time to reflect on the top Capital electronic and electrical systems…

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How to optimize E/E systems connectivity with Siemens Capital 

Innovation in the automotive industry is on hyperdrive – and about 80% of product innovation and differentiation is based on…

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Software Factories, Software Defined Vehicles, and Over-the-Air Updates

Software factories, to support development of Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) over their life cycle are trending right now, along with Over-the-Air (OTA) updates to add and extend features, and also provide necessary system updates.

shot of a plane taking off to show EE Systems Development in Aerospace

Cloud-based digital solutions for aircraft electrical system design

The transformative power of cloud-based digital solutions is revolutionizing the way electrical systems are designed and developed in the aerospace…


How the digital twin is transforming classic aerospace harness production preparation methods

Modern aerospace harness production and manufacturing artifacts need your attention Modern aerospace harness production manufacturers must constantly balance quality, delivery and…

Get ready to accelerate: IESF Munich event is for automotive innovators

Explore the challenges facing electrical and electronic (E/E) design engineers and their teams at the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF)!…