AUTOSAR Release R20-11 is now supported by Siemens Capital Embedded

By Brendan Morris

Siemens CapitalTM Embedded AR Classic software is now available supporting AUTOSAR standard Release R20-11, with selected enhancements from later releases supporting OEM requirements. Advanced configuration tool supporting AUTOSAR and other standard interfaces with available data flows to incorporate system design and requirements as part of a comprehensive digital engineering flow.  

Software Defined Vehicle

The automotive industry is embracing the concept of a Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) where software is the dominant influence on the specific experience a user gets from a vehicle. Software is used to configure the experience, enable increasingly sophisticated functions from the fitted hardware, will be updated over life providing a safe, secure, and evolving experience over the life of the vehicle. This utilizes service-oriented communication to enable the ability for functions to be moved and added without a complete redesign of the vehicle. Consistent with AUTOSAR’s long held ambitions this abstracts the application software development from the hardware on which it runs, enabling software re-use and reduced effort hardware upgrades as needed. 

For OEMs to offer this capability there is a need for both flexible, modern base software to build upon, and a software development environment with digital continuity reusing data from upstream design tools improving quality by reducing manual errors and saving time through automation. Modern Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methods, leveraging virtual and automated validation methods to deliver robust updates on time and to cost throughout the software life-cycle. OEMs and large Tier 1 suppliers are increasingly adopting software factory methodologies, enabled with automation and virtual validation capabilities reducing manual processes to a minimum. 

What’s new in the Siemens Capital Embedded AR Classic software?

Updating from earlier versions of Capital VSTAR built around AUTOSAR 4.x releases, Capital Embedded has been bought up to date with AUTOSAR release R20-11 with further enhancements beyond in areas of customer need.

Building on Siemens strong existing gateway and com stack capabilities Automotive Ethernet is expanded with support for IEEE-SA 10Base-T1S, extensions to DoIP (Diagnostics over IP), and continued support for SOME/IP. All extending the support for Ethernet based, and mixed technology architectures. 

FOTA (Firmware over the Air) capabilities, also supported in Siemens Capital Embedded Bootloader software extend the support for SDV capabilities into the future. BSW multi-core distribution adding to Siemens already advanced support for multi-core chip-sets found in the increasingly common powerful ECU’s often hosting a range of functions with differing requirements.  

Cyber Security also sees updates and extensions including IDSM (Intrusion Detection System Manager), IPsec, and TLS (Transport Layer Security), which along with existing support for Functional Safety up to ISO 26262 ASIL D builds on the suitability of Capital Embedded for demanding applications increasingly common in Domain Controllers and Electrification ECUs as well as more traditional Powertrain, Drivetrain and other powerful ECUs, whilst still offering an efficient solution for the less complex ECU’s around the vehicle. 

Siemens Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic

Developer first tooling

Siemens Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic software featuring a supportive user interface automating laborious tasks and ensuring quality by using consistency checks which guide the developer towards where to make changes to deliver correct by construction software. Siemens Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic software builds on this with further automation of virtual validation of the AUTOSAR based software on the developers laptop freeing up expensive physical validation rigs. Requirements linkage to ALM tools, plugins and connections to other tools for configuration management etc, exchange of a range of standardized and proprietary exchange formats are also possible, and support for CI/CD workflows is an integral part of the product and extensively proven by customer use.

Comprehensive solution

The result is a software platform and development tools built for SDV platforms and modern automotive software factories at OEM and Tier 1 suppliers, with regular updates to enhance Siemens Capital Embedded solutions for upcoming needs. The first silicon Siemens support on AUTOSAR R20-11 is on the Infineon Aurix TC4x family of MCUs with more to follow soon.

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