Meeting tomorrow’s market challenges with Capital at Realize LIVE 2022

Realize LIVE Americas was an amazing opportunity to learn from solution experts, customers and executive leaders, face-to-face! However, if you…

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Realize LIVE 2022 rekindles the spirit of connection

After over two years apart, Siemens’ employees, partners and customers came back together for Realize LIVE 2022. The event was…

What is AUTOSAR Classic Platform R20-11?

The earlier days of the AUTOSAR standard have been discussed before, by the mid 2010’s it was becoming clear that…


Why Capital users and E/E systems designers should attend a Siemens Realize LIVE 2022 event 

Realize LIVE, Siemens Digital Industries Software’s flagship event, happens May 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and May 31-June 2…

AUTOSAR Classic Platform, how standard is a standard?

AUTOSAR has been evolving and expanding to cover a wide range of Automotive Use-cases since it began in 2003. OEM’s…

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Wiring harness design: underappreciated, ‘secret’ ingredient of aerospace success

 ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 31 MINUTES The wire harness and its associated systems are part of an exciting ride into the future….

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Overcome the challenges in development of increasingly complex vehicle E/E architectures

Today, there’s a considerable amount of pressure on automotive OEM’s to rapidly develop more advanced electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures….

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Vehicle Electrification and Integrated E/E Systems

 ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 46 MINUTES Automakers today face multiple challenges in their electric vehicle (EV) development. These include designing attractive cars…

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4 Key Challenges of EV Software Development — and How to Overcome Them

The proliferation of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on roads across the globe has been spurred on by numerous trends. And there’s…