Siemens is on the pulse of groundbreaking innovations. In step with that objective, the Thought Leadership Team at Siemens Digital Industry Software provides podcasts, blogs, articles and white papers based on the knowledge of engineers and experts in their field. We discuss what Siemens is doing in many industries while forecasting the landscape of innovative technologies.

Our team focuses on emerging technologies in the next two to five years that Siemens is investing in and for which we are developing solutions.

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Electric car engineering needs future-thinking engineers

Electric car engineering will change the entire auto industry, and current and future engineers can prepare for the move toward electrification by becoming the master of many traits.


Visionary manufacturers are rethinking enterprise architecture

By: Alex Allison and Josh Ray 

Digitalization has caused a groundswell of ongoing change. Emerging technologies push one another forward, helping businesses create new business models…

An introduction to industrial-scale additive manufacturing

Our first Thought Leadership podcast series is coming to a close, and we want to thank everyone who has taken the time to listen to our series and to share your feedback with us. We appreciate it!

Planning for the future of blockchain in manufacturing

What will the future look like? That’s the million-dollar, and in some cases, trillion-dollar question.

In manufacturing, Industry 4.0 envisages a new age where smart technology and smart …

How can you reduce failure and minimize product cost?

Inaccuracies in product cost estimations and the lack of technology to correct it hurts companies that continue to develop and produce new products. Product costs that cannot be recuperated, and an i…

How can the additive process manage data and product creation?

What’s one major benefit of additive manufacturing? The additive process can help companies reduce the number of parts needed to build products, which makes products easier to maintain over time.

How can companies improve electric vehicle battery life?

The electric vehicle battery is getting more advanced, which not only increases range, but will also help decrease costs.

The more affordable and advanced electric car batteries become, th…

The closed-loop quality imperative

The meaning of quality has evolved over the past 10 years, and too many manufacturers are still working with the old definition.

Many manufacturers equate quality with regulatory complianc…

Materials are the key to future car interiors

What role will materials play in future car interiors?

In the past, materials were all about luxury: fabric seats versus the finest Italian luxurious leather seat. Although luxury still pl…