highly-automated CAM

Master the precision of the perfect part with highly-automated CAM

Today’s highly competitive industrial machinery industry needs new solutions to deliver innovations quickly. As a result, there is a demand…

integrated design and simulation

Integrated design and simulation drives innovation and boosts productivity

The development of industrial machinery is becoming more intelligent and complex, needing a new approach – a digital twin.

Intelligent performance engineering-2

Build highly customized machines with Intelligent Performance Engineering – eBook

The challenge with many machine manufacturers is keeping up with the demands for increasingly flexible and customized manufacturing equipment to…

Intelligent Performance Engineering closed-loop validation

Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) drives innovation and boosts productivity through multi-physics simulation – eBook

In the industrial manufacturing industry, machines are becoming increasingly more complex with unprecedented technological changes. This dynamic landscape is creating…

eBook: Develop safe Autonomous Vehicles that protect human lives

eBook: Develop safe Autonomous Vehicles that protect human lives

Download the eBook that outlines the trends and challenges that the automotive industry is facing today to develop autonomous vehicles

advanced machine engineering virtual commissioning

eBook: Advanced machine engineering – virtual commissioning reduces time and prototype waste

Customizations are crucial for machine builders to thrive as customers demand variations in their industrial machinery (IM) equipment. Therefore, some…

CIMdata eBook

eBook: Generative design tools provide a transforming strategy for industrial machinery industry

An evolution is occurring in the industrial machinery industry. Today’s modern machines are more than a mechanical piece of equipment…

smart data digitalization

E-book: Smart data – next steps in digitalization

Accurate manufacturing data is required to adjust processes and to ensure quality over time. This is difficult because not all…

advanced machine engineering

eBook: Empowering the world’s machine engineering

A recently published Siemens’ ebook discusses how engineering is evolving from traditionally engineered products to digitally simulated designs. Consumers are demanding customization to…