eBook: Empowering the world’s machine engineering

A recently published Siemens’ ebook discusses how engineering is evolving from traditionally engineered products to digitally simulated designs. Consumers are demanding customization to meet complex, specific needs for their products. Subsequently, a customer’s machinery must support the need for flexible, smart connected machines via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Advanced machine engineering ensures the development of these next-generation machines, and a digital twin provides the machinery to excel in an industry that is demanding customization. Moreover, collaborating with multiple disciplines allows these smart connected machines to reduce the time to market using virtual design and commissioning. This process results in improved validation, shorter commissioning times and faster productivity, leading to more significant innovation in highly competitive global markets.

Also, advanced capabilities are now available to manage the entire bill of materials for all options and variants for advanced machine builder support throughout its product life – from the engineering design through manufacturing and service life.

So, machine manufacturers must build smarter machines to compete globally with shrinking margins, expanding customization and environmental and government regulations. Advanced machine engineering delivers a digital thread for engineering, enabling companies to develop sophisticated machines more rapidly while lowering development, production and operational costs.

Therefore, advanced machine engineering enables early design simulation of multi-disciplinary models for extensive use of innovative manufacturing automation technologies. Its sophisticated design solutions effortlessly support complex, optimized models for a considerable increase in design flexibility.

Advanced machine engineering delivers a multi-disciplinary, synchronized engineering platform to provide thousands of features and requirements, allowing for numerous configurations. It ensures constant, multi-disciplinary innovation that empowers a global collaboration to access new market geographies successfully with less cost.

Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow.

The Xcelerator portfolio in Siemens Digital Industries Software suite of products provides a full suite of solutions to empower machine builders and suppliers with the essential tools to thrive in their highly competitive market and transition seamlessly to create tomorrow’s machinery today.

Learn more information in the eBook.

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