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Integrated design and simulation drives innovation and boosts productivity

By Bill Butcher

Smart manufacturing requires smart tools. It is impractical to rely on conventional, outdated methods of product engineering. The development of industrial machinery is becoming more intelligent and complex, needing a new approach – a digital twin. An integrated design and simulation enable the creation of the industrial machine’s digital twin, assisting in comprehending and predicting the performance of the physical machine under a variety of conditions without the need for a physical prototype. 

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The machine’s digital twin contributes to shorter commissioning times, predicting maintenance needs and reducing machine downtime in the field. A comprehensive digital twin also captures simulation and validates the results in a central repository. Designers can now incorporate changes based on access to these results, closing the loop between testing and design. Subsequently, a digital twin can:

  • increase design flexibility, 
  • boost productivity,
  • improve innovation processes and 
  • promote next-generation smart industrial machines.

 Running the simulation simultaneously to the design reduces the product lifecycle, allowing fully validated products to be out the door faster while maintaining reliability and safety. In addition, integrating test and simulation in the same environment automates information sharing and enhances inter-disciplinary collaboration – providing time and resource-saving efficiencies.

There is a significant need to develop industrial machines faster, with better flexibility to meet changing customer demands. Integrating simulation data and designs saves both time and money in the product lifecycle – staying ahead of the competition.

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