Employees examine the shop floor for optimizations with IoT

Digital Part Production optimizes the modern machine shop

With increasing competition in the manufacturing industry, It’s not an easy task to run a…

digital part production automation manufacturing

Digital Part Production addresses manufacturing complexity by connecting processes

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integrated design and simulation

Integrated design and simulation drives innovation and boosts productivity

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How Virtual Reality is Making Mobility Accessible for Everyone: Part 2 Podcast Transcript

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How Virtual Reality is Making Mobility Accessible for Everyone: Podcast Script

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Intelligent Performance Engineering multi-physics simulation

Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) drives innovation and boosts productivity through multi-physics simulation – eBook

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Behind the Scenes of Formula One Design with Elizabeth Apthorp, Composite Design: Podcast Transcript

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With autonomous technology on the rise, how can automakers face the transformation?

There is a clear trend in the market for driverless automotive systems: the direction is…

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Advanced machine engineering – technological innovations driving change (white paper)

It is a daunting task to design, validate and manage innovative, modern manufacturing and assembly…