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Build highly customized machines with Intelligent Performance Engineering – eBook

By Bill Butcher

The challenge with many machine manufacturers is keeping up with the demands for increasingly flexible and customized manufacturing equipment to produce personalized and differentiated consumer products. As equipment manufacturers try to deliver machines with faster cycle rates and compressed delivery schedules, teams feel pressure to perform simulation upfront instead of assuming the sufficiency of testing physical prototypes.

Improve smart manufacturing performance

Smart machine performance improves when requiring multidisciplinary collaboration and simulation across a broad range of physics and disciplines using Intelligent Performance Engineering. This collaboration provides the capability to address the complexities of physics and enables multi-physics simulations of domains, including mechanical, electrical and electronic systems. These cross-domain mechatronic simulations can empower the predesign of systems, improve sizing and integration, balance performance, and validate control logic before building the machine.

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Embrace digitalization

Embracing digitalization is possible through Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE), a comprehensive digital thread designed to help industrial machine manufacturers manage the complexities of building next-generation machines at a lower cost with less risk. It meets these objectives by using:

  • Multi-physics simulation – brings together a wide range of physics disciplines under one umbrella to capture complexities and simultaneously address multiple needs, studying phenomena across physics domains.
  • Integrated design and simulation – connecting designers and simulation engineers to the same models in one system to keep simulation data in sync with the design to increase efficiency and collaboration across disciplines.
  • Closed-loop validation – leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to validate the simulation through capturing data input from the field and using it to test the relationships between requirements, functional layout, logical implementation and physical implementation to improve engineering and design.

A comprehension simulation solution

Siemens offers a holistic solution to improve reliability to address risk by simulating complete machine operation with Intelligent Performance Engineering – a comprehensive digital thread to assist industrial machine manufacturers in managing the building of next-generation complex machines with lower cost and risk. IPE shows the power of simulation with a digital twin, providing a digital copy of the physical system, accurately predicting the behavior of smart machines. This is a radical simulation environment that creates 1D and 3D models to visualize design variables and performance impact.
Moreover, the digital thread connects teams to a digital environment; thus, designers and engineers can collaborate efficiently in unison with design, simulation and validation all running to reduce the time to market and the development costs. Model-Based System Testing (MBST) also validates the simulation, collecting data from operational machines to feedback to the digital twin. This process effectively closes the loop between design, simulation, validation and real-world performance, allowing it to finetune future design parameters and to progress innovation.

It is essential to innovate as customers demand more customization and one-of-a-kind solutions. Intelligent Performance Engineering offers a new approach to provide the answers for machine complexity that are economical. Embracing the power of digitalization helps companies stay ahead of the competition.

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