Enhance safety with Tessent

Enhance safety with Tessent

Learn how to ensure safety for automotive ICs with Tessent solutions from Siemens EDA.

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Designing automotive ICs for cybersecurity

The day has already arrived when we need to be concerned about the cybersecurity of our cars. A multi-layers approach to secure semiconductors builds security in from the start.

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Security by design: a discussion on automotive cybersecurity with Siraj Shaikh

Host Lee Harrison and his guest Siraj Shaikh discuss whether we will ever see self-driving vehicles, the current state of cybersecurity for vehicles, and how do compliance and regulations fit into the big picture?

Professional Engineer Works on a Computer with a 3D CAD Software and Tests the Electric Car Chassis Prototype with Wheels, Batteries and Engine Standing in a High Tech Development Laboratory.

Ensure IC quality with Tessent

Tessent software and IP ensures semiconductor companies can achieve the highest IC quality. Learn how.

Register for the SAFE Forum: Siemens presents safety island and more

Learn about using a safety island for effective control and monitoring of automotive ICs.

The future of in-system testing for automotive safety

Suppliers of IP for automotive applications must ensure their IP blocks are ISO 26262 compliant. Siemens has the solutions for automotive safety and reliability.

Typical allocation of functional safety within an automotive SoC.

Webinar: Meet the Challenges of ISO 26262 with Tessent Test Solutions

Register Now! Tune in on June 9, 2022 at 11:00 am (pacific daylight time) to learn how to use Tessent…

For secure chips, use high-quality test and embedded analytics

There is growing concern over the security of ICs used not just in aerospace and military devices, but also in…

Automotive electronics solutions at AESIN Conference 2021

A successful Automotive Electronics Innovation (AESIN) conference at the UK’s National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull wrapped up on 16 September…