Automotive electronics solutions at AESIN Conference 2021

By Tessent Solutions

A successful Automotive Electronics Innovation (AESIN) conference at the UK’s National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull wrapped up on 16 September 2021, of which Siemens were headline supporters. Attendees were delighted to return to a live event and spend the day in discussions about the challenges of autonomous driving systems. Siemens showcased Tessent Embedded Analytics and PAVE 360 as part of a digital twin platform.

AESIN is an active specialist group facilitating automotive electronics markets from a UK base. The conference features leading figures in electronics systems innovation, government agencies, and automotive market experts.

A recurring topic was the need for more complete testing and validation. These systems require billions of simulation test miles to be driven before real-life road testing begins. There is a gap between simulation and real-world validation that calls for the adoption of a “digital twin” model that brings the road into the lab through simulation and drive emulation. This was the topic of a Siemens presentation by Lee Harrison, automotive test solutions manager, entitled Cybersecurity Threat Modelling and Mitigation using the Digital Twin, which explored some of the technologies that Siemens is developing and how they are helping customers develop, test, and certify their automotive solutions in the virtual world of the digital twin. We also outlined our vision for the transition to Service Oriented Architectures.

Security was of keen interest among AESIN attendees. The electronics used in automobiles need to be able to identify and mitigate hacking threats. Cybersecurity for connected vehicles was the topic of a well-attended Siemens interactive demonstration of a Secure-CAV platform that shows the impact of security attacks on real automotive hardware and how the combined hardware/software solution implemented as part of the project can mitigate these attacks. Secure-CAV is an ambitious collaborative project that aims to improve the safety and security of tomorrow’s connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

The demonstration showed how with the use of Tessent Embedded Analytics IP integrated into an ECU module, cyber attacks could be detected and then blocked. Lee Harrison explained how with the Siemens digital twin technology, designers can take physical representations of the vehicle, not just the ECU level architecture, plus driving environment scenarios to drive millions of virtual miles per day.

The Siemens PAVE360 platform makes this possible, addressing the gap between software-based simulation and road testing to achieve a high level of validation. The PAVE 360 platform provides the capability to extensively test the capabilities of the Embedded Analytics IP along with all the other vehicle electronic systems. These technologies are a real game-changer when autonomous driving is the ultimate target.

Watch the full video about the Secure-CAV project here

This project is the first time the required technologies have been brought together to demonstrate their effectiveness alongside real automotive hardware. The heart of the solution is the unique Tessent Embedded Analytics IP and software provided by Siemens, used to monitor and collect critical data from the device during real-time operation. You can learn more about the role of Tessent Embedded Analytics in the Secure-CAV architecture here.

To learn more about the Secure-CAV hardware-based techniques for addressing security, register for the webinar on 7 October 2021, Effectively Addressing the Challenge of Securing Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. The webinar is presented by Siemens fellow Gajinder Panesar and Copper Horse CEO David Rogers.

This webinar will be made available on demand for you to watch at your convenience if you are unable to make it on the day. Please use your registration link to watch it.

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