Maximizing SoC Performance: The Role of Embedded Software and Functional Monitors

In the rapidly evolving landscape of System on Chip (SoC) development, the demand for effective debugging and optimization is becoming…

Enhance safety with Tessent

Enhance safety with Tessent

Learn how to ensure safety for automotive ICs with Tessent solutions from Siemens EDA.

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Designing automotive ICs for cybersecurity

The day has already arrived when we need to be concerned about the cybersecurity of our cars. A multi-layers approach to secure semiconductors builds security in from the start.

Designed-in automotive cybersecurity to beat the hackers

Connected vehicles are vulnerable to cyberattack. Designing-in security features future-proofs vehicles against hackers.

For secure chips, use high-quality test and embedded analytics

There is growing concern over the security of ICs used not just in aerospace and military devices, but also in…

Automotive electronics solutions at AESIN Conference 2021

A successful Automotive Electronics Innovation (AESIN) conference at the UK’s National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull wrapped up on 16 September…

Tessent at 2021 Automotive Electronics Innovation (AESIN) Conference

Siemens is a headline sponsor of the 2021 Automotive Electronics Innovation (AESIN) Conference taking place at the UK’s National Motorcycle…

Manage automotive test, safety, and security with a safety island

The makers of automotive ICs are living in “interesting times.” These ICs no longer only run simple functions such as window…

Manage the effects of chip complexity with Embedded Analytics

By Richard Oxland – Siemens Digital Industries Software If you’ve never heard of Embedded Analytics, it’s time to learn how…