2022 Teamcenter 14.1 New Capabilities

By Bill Lewis

Have you seen Teamcenter 14.1?

We are excited to tell you about some of the latest enhancements across our PLM portfolio!
Teamcenter has best-in-class PLM capabilities and super intuitive user interface. We continue to enhance user experience with each new release of Teamcenter. Below are just some of the highlights of the latest release – Teamcenter 14.1. 

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Introducing PLM for Component Manufacturers

Get up and running quickly with an instant on PLM solution with Teamcenter 14.1. Leverage best practices for component manufacturers.

Maintain accurate, up-to-date specifications and designs throughout the engineering development process. Transparent program management that includes an accurate view of program status helps to ensure you are meeting your customer’s requirements.

Reduce IT deployment and infrastructure costs by leveraging a solution hosted and operated by Siemens.

Manage multiple work contexts with a Workset

Worksets allow you to bring together different configurations and filtering criteria of the same or different structures into a common context while maintaining individual control over each of those structures. 

You can manage multiple work contexts with a Workset when using Smart Discovery. Apply Different Revision Rules, Effectivity, Configuration and Filtering to each of the combined contexts. Properties of your structure can be overridden in context of the Workset without affecting the source structure itself. You can also visualize the results of your combining contexts into a Workset and can see the differences between those structures.

Lightning fast BOM tree and graphics in Active Workspace

Are you ready for faster load speeds and a more responsive user experience in Active Workspace while working with a BOM tree integrated with 3D graphics?


  • 10x faster configuration
  • 100x faster column sort
  • 10x faster load and render times

Now you can work quickly and smoothly with complex products in a fast, easy-to-use environment.

What makes it possible? The data loading optimizations provided by sharing server resources, compression, and caching. The fast interactivity of measurement and cross sectioning helps optimize the processes.

Make informed, economically beneficial, and climate-smart decisions for your products

In the latest Teamcenter release, we’ve introduced several new product cost management enhancements to increase the accuracy of your cost and carbon footprint calculation and more.

We’ve updated the carbon footprint calculator to include carbon taxation so you can understand the effect of the product carbon footprint on the net sales price of each product. Include the carbon footprint of tools and devices you need to manufacture a product.

To provide access to the most up to date CO2e emission data for materials and energies, Siemens Digital Industries Software announces its collaboration with sustamize GmbH, a leading ClimateTech company providing professional technology, data and software solutions enabling companies to measure, optimize and manage CO2 emissions. This supports the calculation of the product carbon footprint and scope 3 emissions (for purchased parts and external services) with the capability to add additional category data sets based on demand. sustamize’ technology enables automated product carbon footprint management with one of the world’s largest CO2e database and intelligent algorithms, so the Product Footprint Engine is based on scientifically researched data enriched with more than 20 years of industry know-how and validated according to ISO 14048 by DEKRA.

You can now define increase and decrease rates specific to your business to understand multi-year cost trends for materials and buy- parts based on specific material classifications like electronic components, plastics, or steel materials.

Teamcenter 14.1 synchronized cost

New avenues for collaboration and integration with simulation and test data

Teamcenter Physical test

Manage physical test data with a new environment that brings it alongside simulation data and into the digital thread of your products. This not only provides a data management solution but also opens up new ways to discover engineering insights.

A new integration with Simcenter Testlab makes it quick and easy to import physical test datasets and carry out analysis. This release also strengthens existing tool integrations, including a new capability to drive Simcenter System Architect models and return KPIs though Parameters in Teamcenter.

Siemens Xcelerator Share support is extended to Teamcenter Simulation, further extending ways to collaborate and innovate.

Requirements traceability matrix improvements

Drive your entire product development process with requirements!

Teamcenter Requirements already included an integrated requirements capability that allows requirements to be tied to parts, test cases, project tasks, manufacturing processes and more. This release improves the traceability and usability. Use Excel-like filters and edit requirement content directly from the standard table view. We’ve also improved the performance of import and export of systems engineering, test and verification data – now on Teamcenter X!

We have delivered fine grained product architecture and system models in prior releases, providing the product blueprints needed to describe what needs to be done by the various downstream development domains. This release delivered double digit performance improvements for import and export of any size model with bulk API’s.

Teamcenter 14.1 Requirements Traceability Matrix

Learn more about Teamcenter 14.1

This is just a taste of what you’ll find in the latest Teamcenter releases.

As you grow your PLM deployment, Teamcenter 14.1 and Active Workspace 6.1 deliver PLM agility and enhanced applications throughout the portfolio to help you improve your products… and your business.

Teamcenter is the leading choice in product lifecycle management (PLM) software, top ranked by Forrester Research, for our current offering and market presence with the highest score possible for strategy.

You can leverage all Teamcenter 14.1 has to offer installed on premise or as a cloud service, with Teamcenter X.

Teamcenter is a modern software portfolio that can be used by organizations of any size to transform the everyday.

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